Bush and Coast Care

​​​​​​​​​​​​Bush Care

Each year around 5,000 natives are planted across priority bushland reserves in the City of Kwinana by many local volunteers participating in bushcare planting activities. ​

Bushcare in the City of Kwinana involves the management of bushland reserves that are outlined in the endorsed Bushland Master Plan. Major activities include bush regeneration, weed control, planting/rehabilitation, maintaining fences, and installing and maintaining associated infrastructure. 

Bushcare also encourages the local community to participate in local pla​nting days. ​​

Coast Care

The City of Kwinana is committed to the conservation of its coastal resources through the implementation of the Coastcare Program. 

The focus of the Coastcare Program is to undertake the rehabilitation of the coastal foreshore reserves with a focus on Kwinana Beach and Challenger Beach.

The rehabilitation program aims to reduce weed communities, remediate erosion, install fencing to control pedestrian and vehicle access and plant a range of coastal species to improve biodiversity and aesthetic values.​​

At Kwinana Beach activities will be guided by the Kwinana Beach Foreshore Management Plan and implemented in association with the Kwinana Beach Coastcare Group and other community groups. ​

For additional information on community involvement activities or the Coastcare Program please contact the Coastcare Officer on 9439 0200 or email​​.​​

Fauna Watch Project

The City of Kwinana recently completed a year-long Fauna Watch project to identify the diversity of fauna species present in the area. The Kwinana Fauna Watch Project was funded by the State Natural Resource Management Program (NRM) and ran throughout 2017, finishing in October.

The City’s Environment te​am undertook fauna monitoring in nature reserves throughout Kwinana, obtaining baseline information about the diversity of fauna species. The Fauna Watch project also helped to identify the presence of any rare or endangered animals present in Kwinana. 

In addition to fauna monitoring, the Fauna Watch project assessed the community’s views relating to native wildlife, nature reserves and pet ownership. 

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