Reward for report

​​​Are you fed up with anti-social behaviour in your community? 

The City of Kwinana and Kwinana Police have joined forces to tackle these issues and are asking for you to be part of the solution by providing essential information that may help us prosecute the offender.

Reporting the home address provides the best avenue for successful apprehension. These people live somewhere in our community and we're asking that you keep you eyes open to where they live to help us stamp out this antisocial behaviour. As an added incentive, we'll give you up to $1,000 if the information provided leads to a successful prosecution.*​

How to report

Graffiti Vandalism

​Caught in the act

If you see someone in the act of graffiti vandalism, you should report it to the State Graffiti Hotline on
1800 44 22 55.​

Existing graffiti

Depending on its location, existing graffiti vandalism should be reported in one of the following ways:​

Graffiti on Council Property

The City of Kwinana is responsible for removing graffiti from infrastructure managed or owned by Council. This includes footpaths, street furniture, sculptures, artworks and our buildings.
Phone 9236 4350.

Graffiti on Private Property

If your property is graffiti vandalised, you should report it to the State Graffiti Hotline on 1800 44 22 55 and local Kwinana Police on 9411 4311.​


Call police on 131 444 to report dangerous, reckless or antisocial driving (hoon behaviour).
A Traffic Complaint Report can be downloaded from the WA Police website​.​

Off-road-vehicle riding

To report illegal off-road vehicle riding, call both the City of Kwinana on 9439 0200 and the Police on
131 444.​

Information that helps

  • address of offender;

  • description of offender (equipment colour, face description, shirt colour, trouser colour, boot/shoe colour);

  • vehicle description (registration, make and model, colour and any other distinguishing marks); and

  • date and time of offence.

Reward for Report​

To encourage residents to report suspicious behaviou​r, a cash reward of up to $1,000* is available for information which leads to a successful prosecution.

How to apply

Applications may only be made after confirmation of a successful prosecution in court. Applications must include a case number as well as evidence of the information which assisted in prosecution.
Tip: Keep a log of all correspondence with Council and Police. This will make it easier to provide the necessary evidence when applying for the reward. 
Applications should be made in writing to:

City of Kwinana PO Box 21, KWINANA WA 6966 or by emailing​.
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