Off-road Vehicles

Off-road vehicle.

Under the Control of Vehicles (Off Road Areas) Act 1978, it is an offence to drive or ride an off-road vehicle within the City of Kwinana, unless it is used on private land with the owner's consent or in the designated off-road area in Medina. 

An off-road vehicle is any vehicle that is not road registered and cannot be registered in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1974.

If you see or know of a person riding illegally, please call the police on 131 444 and the City Assist team on 9439 0400. The more information you are able to provide us with, the more likely we are able to prosecute the offender. 

Information to help catch and prosecute illegal off-road vehicle riders includes:

  • vehicle description - make, primary colour, secondary colour and any other dis​tinguishing marks (e.g. stickers, number on bike, seat colour); and
  • rider description - name and address if known, helmet colour, face description, shirt colour, trouser colour, boot/shoe colour.

Medina Off-Road Area

The only registered off-road facility within the City of Kwinana is the Medina Off-Road area. Rules and regulations apply. 

Area Guide and Rider's Code of Conduct

Please note: it is illegal to ride your off-road vehicle to and from this site using public roads. Riders are reminded this is a residential area and noise should be kept to a minimum. 

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