Request for Building Plans

The City of Kwinana is willing to provide copies of approved building plans upon request.​

The Building Services Team has building plans dating back to the 1970s and prior. Please be aware however that through time, some plans have deteriorated and are unavailable. 

The City stores its plans in various formats including the following:

  • electronic scanned images;
  • microfiche; and
  • hard copy.

Depending on the quality of the plans and the information retained, the City can generally provide the following information:

  • building licence (From 2 April 2012 Building Permit);
  • plans - site plan, floor plan and elevations; and
  • footing details.

Only the owner or their authorised agent is entitled to view or request copies of the City's building records.​

How to Order

Please complete the Building Plan Request Form.​​​​

You're welcome to lodge an application for a Copy of your Building Plans in person at the City’s Administration Office or you may email your request direct to the Building Services Team.

Payment of the search fee must be tendered at time of lodgement (non-refundable). Once the application has been lodged and fees paid, a search for your plans will be conducted. Generally the application will be processed within four working days. ​


Visit the Building Fees and Charges Page for applicable fees.

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