Memories of Kwinana Beach


27 July 2017

Voices of Kwinana is always looking for personal memories to add to our collection.

Today’s post is courtesy of Lyn Bayley nee Fletcher.

"We lived at 3 First Ave, Kwinana Beach in the 50s, 60s and 70s.  My nana and pop used to live with us, there was mum, dad and five kids, plus my aunty and cousin lived with us  – all in the one house –  with only three bedrooms and a sleepout that my dad had built.  

The funny part is I don’t remember the house being cramped, can you imagine that these days? We had a wood stove and an old washing machine that used to have rollers on it and we fed the clothes thru the rollers,we all so had a copper and a wood heater called a Braemer that you used to have to light every afternoon for baths, and you never had a bath to yourself!I always had to share the bath with my sister then my brothers had the bath. Thank God the girls had the first bath! Then the water would be used on the vegetable garden.​

We had a toilet outside and a clothes line that was a rope and wood poles to hold it up on,we had a homemade swing and played cricket matches in the street that would go on for days and end up in fights! My brothers use to have a go cart made out of old fruit boxes and pram wheels and we had two bikes we had to share with five kids.​

Our playground was Kwinana Beach and the street where we lived. Swimming lessons were at Kwinana Beach. There was one bus in the morning and one bus in the afternoon and if you missed it you had to walk.  We went to East Rockingham Primary School on the corner of Office and Mandurah Rd.  Everyone new everyone’s business it was that kind of community and if you did something wrong, rest assured your parents knew before you got home!

The little corner shop used to sell lollies, three for 1 cent, and there was a  butcher shop next door and a fish and chip shop.

My mum and nana were always cooking, no shortcuts & takeaways for our family.  They seemed to live in their aprons. Christmas was a big event – decorating the house, cooking christmas cakes and puddings, neighbours would drop by and visit and bring food and we would share everything.

I remember going rabbit trapping with my pop and brothers and my nana use to skin the rabbits and stuff them and stitch their tummies and roast them with vegetables.
I also remember my pop fishing with big nets and coming home and hanging the nets out and my nana and I would pull the fish out of the nets, then she taught me how to scale the fish and gut them, Yuk!

If we wanted to have the house warm we had to chop the wood for the fire place in our lounge and I remember the cold nights when we had hot water bottles filled up and put in our bed. I used to share a bed with my sister – never ever have I had a room of my own  – and we always wore hand-me-down clothing.

Its funny as I think back to how much simpler things were with out computers and telephones which we never had one we use to use the Red Box telephone down the street. I think in those days they called the telephone company PMG."

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