A Flare For Marching


​14 October 2016

18th August, 1959 marked the debut of the Kwinana Flares Girls Marching team.  Originally operating out of the old Police Youth and Citizen’s Club on Hoyle Road, and smartly outfitted by club dressmaker Mrs. Buchan, in the sport’s heyday, Kwinana High School was proud to be represented by no less than three marching teams of 14 girls each.

May 1967 saw our girls bring glory to the Kwinana district, performing with distinction in the National Championships held in Tasmania.

Formation marching in Australia can trace its origins back to the Depression as means to keep young women fit and healthy in the face of a lack of other sport and recreation resources and facilities at the time.  In competition, judges awarded a deducted points based on precision, costume, movement and length of pace.  The sport soon became big business, drawing large crowds and teams become a regular feature at the Medina Fair, Flower Show and other public festivities.

Originally known as the Australian Marching Association, the sport still continues today under the name of DrillDance Australia.​

Left Image: Diana Manwaring, Kwinana Midgets, c1960s

Right Image: Anne Froud - Marching Girls sportsperson of the year nominee, 1978

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