Thomas Complex



The Thomas Complex is consists of two hireable facilities, Thomas Kelly Pavilion and Thomas Hall. Thomas Kelly Pavilion is the larger facility and an ideal location for large functions and weddings. Thomas Hall is the smaller of the two and ideal hireable space for smaller sized activities.

Both facilities are located on Thomas Oval, an oval consisting of six ovals which are very popular amongst local sporting groups and a wide variety of sports.​

Contact and Location

Spaces for Hire and Fees & Charges

  • All fees are per hour.
  • All fees are based on hire of one room only (not entire facility). All rooms carry the same fees.
  • Bond refundable. See Conditions of Hire.​
​Venue/Space​FacilitiesCapacity (people)​Chairs​ and Tables
​Off Peak (8am to 6pm)​Peak (6pm to 12am)
Thomas Kelly Pavilion

  • Basic kitchen
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Room divider
  • Bar/serving area
  • PA system
  • Projector


  • ​200 chairs
  • ​​50 tables


​$22.60 p/hr​$28.20 p/hr​
Commercial$28.20 p/hr$33.80 p/hr
Thomas Hall

  • Basic kitchen

  • 100 chairs
  • 10 tables
​$17.70 p/hr​$23.40 p/hr
Commercial$23.40 p/hr$29.20 p/hr
​Thomas OvalConsisting of 6 large ovals, Thomas Oval is the largest oval space within Kwinana. The ovals can accommodate for sports such as soccer, rugby, softball, tee ball and many more. 

Bond$200$300​$1000 to $200​0

Walkthrough​ - Thomas Kelly Pavillion

Walkthrough​ - Thomas Hall​

​​Application Forms

For more details on organising and event and the relevant forms required, please head to our Organising an Event​ page.​​​​​​​

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