Medina Hall




Medina Hall is the largest hireable facility within the City of Kwinana. The recently refurbished hall features a large open space with an elevated stage and dressing rooms. The facility is an ideal location for large functions, weddings, performances and graduations. 

The Isabella Corker Wing is a new meeting room located on the left of Medina Hall. The meeting room can be hired separately to the main hall and is ideal of meetings or smaller scale activities.  ​

Contact and Location

​​Spaces for Hire and Fees & Charges

  • All fees are per hour.
  • All fees are based on hire of one room only (not entire facility). All rooms carry the same fees.
  • Bond refundable. See Conditions of Hire.
​Venue/Space​FacilitiesCapacity (people)​Chairs​ and Tables
Off Peak (8am to 6pm)​​​​Peak (6pm to 12am)
Medina Hall

  • Commercial kitchen with serving area
  • Wooden floors
  • Large stage
  • PA system
  • Projector


  • ​​250 chairs
  • 20 x​ round tables
  • x rectangle​ tables


​$22.60 p/hr​​$28.20 p/hr​​
​Commercial​​$28.20 p/hr​​$33.80 p/hr
​Isabella Corker Wing

  • Basic kitchen
  • Audio system
  • Projector​


  • 60​ chairs
  • ​10 tables

​​$17.70 p/hr​$23.40 p/hr
​Commercial$23.40 p/hr$29.20 p/hr
​Enclosed CourtyardAn enclosed courtyard is located between Medina Hall and the Isabella Corker Wing. 

Bond​$200​$300​$1000 to $2000​


​​​​Ap​​​plication Forms​​

For more details on organising and event and the relevant forms required, please head to our Organising an Event​ page.​​​

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