Adventure meets Accessibility

​​The Kwinana Adventure Park has been designed to be inclusive and fully accessible to create a space for people of all ages and abilities to participate in play within a safe and secure environment.

All paths are fully compliant with Australian​ Standards for Access and Mobility and the layout of the playground has been designed with careful consideration for a wide range of access and mobility requirements. 

Accessible Play Equipment​

  • The grandest piece of play equipment, known as the Tree Maze, is an elevated play structure designed to be accessible for all ages and abilities. It is accessible by wheelchair from end to end, with interactive play elements and experiences provided along the way. The Tree Maze also offers options for inclusive play at multiple levels with integrated sensory elements and play pieces. 
  • The Junior Area provides fully accessible play equipment such as water pumps, basket swings and instruments, like the vibraphone and the gong drums!
  • The Sand Play Area contains fully accessible interactive elements which allow creative play with sand, such as sand tables, sand play net works and water pumps.
  • The one-of-a-kind Splash Pad is wheelchair friendly, designed so you only get wet if you want to, and is one of the most unique water features in any playground found across Western Australia.
  • The Action Play area provides more challenging equipment, including a Double Flying Fox with an accessible seat and a variety of swings to provide options for different ages and abilities. 
  • ​Plus the park features an even bigger range of fully accessible equipment, such as a carousel, disk spinner, sonic bench and musical marimba instrument.

Accessible Facilities​

  • Three accessible, unisex toilets/change rooms.
  • A ‘changing places’ room with full sized change table and hoist.
  • The Patio, a hireable space which offers specific accessible furniture and accessible double barbeque.
  • Picnic areas featuring accessible tables and drink fountains.


The play space is also fully fenced, with double gated entry points, meaning parents can rest easy knowing their children won’t get far if they decide to run wild.​

Page reviewed: 14 Aug 2017 4:28pm