​The City of Kwinana has long been advocating for the construction of a container port in the City, which will allow our economy to grow and will help transform the lives of our community. The City's long history with the project can be seen on the Indian Ocea​n Gateway website. 

A modern port, located adjacent to industry is part of most thriving coastal cities.​

The City's stance on the future container port and the perceived benefits to the City were outlined in an opinion pie​ce written by City of Kwinana Mayor, Carol Adams. 

Westport Taskforce 

Following the 2016 State Government election, the McGowan Government commenced the Westport Taskforce’s investigation into the Perth’s future port needs. Westport recently announced a shortlist of five future port options, all of which include a new container port in the Outer Harbour. 

Planned since the 1950’s, the Outer Harbour port will be at the centre of Perth’s freight network, and will provide for the safe and efficient movement of goods, which is critical for our growing State and its interaction with global trade routes.​

Benefits of the ​Westport project include: 

  • ​Improvements to Perth's freight congestion issues 
  • ​Diversification of the Western Australian economy through the catalysing of development of industrial land
  • Increase in direct and indirect employment opportunities in the region through improved trade routes
  • Significant opportunities for new support industries​

Westport Announcement ​

The City of Kwinana has welcomed the McGowan Government’s commitment to the development of an Outer Harbour in the coming years.

For regular updates about the project, please visit ​the Department of Transport website.​

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