What do I get for my rates?

​​​​The rates you pay are re-invested into your community through the City of Kwinana’s many programs, services and facilities.  Here is an overview of the main services provided – a more comprehensive list can be found here​​​.

City Operations

The City of Kwinana depot keeps Kwinana well maintained.  Regular works include:

  • Footpath, crossover, road, kerb and drainage maintenance
  • Removal of illegal dumping and rubbish, dead animals, graffiti and road spills
  • Maintenance of bus shelters, street furniture, fencing, BBQs, playgrounds and water features
  • Rubbish and litter collection throughout the City centre, parks and beach reserves
  • Fire control assistance and emergency response to storms, floods, fire etc.
  • Maintenance of sports grounds including mowing, weed control and turf renovation
  • Mowing or parks, streetscapes, medians, dry land reserves and oval surrounds
  • Irrigation maintenance, landscaping, pruning​, weeding, mulching, fertilizing and planting
  • Power line clearance of street trees, verge maintenance, street sweeping and street sign maintenance

Safety and Security

The City Assist Service provides a focus on safety and security within the City.  Their role includes:

  • Enforcing local laws such as parking, littering and animal control
  • Supporting emergency services
  • Enforcing off-road vehicle and illegal camping laws on Council owned and controlled facilities
  • Maintaining two volunteer fire brigades
  • The Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
  • Membership of the Bush Fire Brigades and community education through school visits​

Community Services

Community Services provide a number of events and programs such as:

  • Children's Festival
  • Christmas Lolly Run
  • Kwinana Youth Festival
  • Australia Day celebrations
  • Annual concert
  • Various arts, cultural and heritage programs
  • Operation of Casuarina Community Hall, Medina Hall, Leda Hall and Koorliny Arts Centre
  • Initiatives to support and help local businesses grow

Health and Fitness

The City provides:

  • Upgrades to local parks under the 'Parks for People' program
  • Library and Resource Centre
  • Kwinana Recquatic Centre
  • Other health and wellbeing programs such as:
    • walk trails and walking groups
    • Kwinana Volunteer Centre
    • Community Bus
    • City Awards program
    • Nutritional workshops
    • Health promotion workshops
    • Diabetes awareness workshops
    • Health screening programs
    • The 'Senior Sational' program
    • Sporting club development/assistance
    • Community/sporting club donations program​


The City of Kwinana is proud to provide an extensive youth support program which includes:

  • The Zone Youth space
  • Lyrik Incentive and Mentoring programs
  • New skatepark facility

Other services offered to youth in Kwinana include:

  • Urban Art
  • Regular Friday night activities
  • Youth GP and Sexual Health Clinics
  • A referral service for youth
  • A Scholarship program
  • School Holiday and term programs​

Community Information

The City of Kwinana Customer Service provides assistance and advice either over the phone or at the front counter on anything and everything relating to the City and its community.  If they are unable to assist they will locate an officer who is able, or provide information that will assist in determining an answer.

The City also distributes information to the community via our:

  • Spirit of Kwinana newsletter
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Community consultation
  • Forums
  • Events

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the City and to lobby State and Federal Government politicians and government agencies to get the best government services outcomes to the wider Kwinana community.​

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health team is responsible for:

  • Waste management including weekly, fortnightly, green waste and bulk goods collections
  • Complaint investigations affecting community health such as:
    • ​Noise
    • Dust
    • Odour
    • Smoke
    • Pollution
    • Pests
    • food quality
    • inappropriate land uses
    • contaminated sites
    • illegal disposal of syringes and medical wastes
    • regulation of skin penetration services (such as tattoos and piercings)
  • Advice on:
    • food hygiene
    • control of diseases
    • holding public events
    • design and construction of food preopartion premises, vehicles and stalls
    • public swimming pools
    • control of diseases causing pests
    • abatement of noise nuisances
  • Liquor act certification
  • Food business licensing, monitoring and inspections
  • Property inspections prior to settlement (on request)
  • Temporary accommodation approvals
  • Septic tank compliance
  • Industrial premises compliance
  • public building compliance for the Health Act and Environmental Protection Act​

Environment Team

The Environment Team is responsible for managing the City of Kwinana reserves as part of our Bushland Masterplan which includes:

  • environmental planning and protection
  • fencing
  • biodiversity
  • revegetation projects
  • assisting in fire management and planning
  • organizing regular community planting days
  • conducting a variety of water and engery conservation initiatives within the community to help residents and local businesses embrace sustainability​

Planning, Building and Engineering

The Planning and Building Team is responsible for land use, development and 'built form' within the City of Kwinana.  Services include:

  • conducting building assessments and site inspections
  • issuing sign and demolition licences
  • inspecting swimming pools
  • assisting with neighbourhood disputes over dividing fences and retaining walls
  • upkeep of the City's buildings
  • development applications
  • structural planning assessments
  • preparing and enforcing planning policies and town planning scheme assessments, management and review

The Engineering Team is responsible for the design and implementation of many infrastructure projects including:

  • roads
  • pathways
  • bridges
  • drainage
  • landscaping
  • street lighting
  • road safety audits
  • traffic analysis
  • transport coordination
  • car parking studies
  • ensuring new developemtns consider drainage, fencing, shared paths, lighting, parks and roads during their planning phase
  • design and installation of bus shelters​
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