Our Vision

Strategic Community Plan

The City of Kwinana's Strategic Community Plan outlines the vision, aspirations and objectives of the community over the next 10 years. It's a ​strategic roadmap of where the community want to go and how we're going to get there. ​

More importantly, the Plan is based on extensive community consultation. Thousands of pieces of feedback compiled into a distinct vision.

​ ​Strategic Co​mmunity ​Plan 20​19-2029​​

The Strategic Community Plan sets out four key community aspirations:

  • Rich in Spirit
  • Alive with Opportunities
  • Surrounded by Nature
  • It's all here​!
The City is undertaking a major review of its strategic direction and we need you to tell us about your vision for Kwinana, what you love and what would make it an even better place to live or work.

Updating the Vision

Every four years a major review of the SCP is undertaken.
  • The last major review occurred in 2017.
  • The next major review will take place in 2021.
Integrated Planning Framework
The following image shows how the City of Kwinana approaches integrated planning and how the strategic documents listed on this page inform one another.


​Corporate Business Plan

If the Strategic Community Plan is the what, the Corporate Business Plan is the how. It takes a wide range of factors into consideration (including budgets, workforce and assets) and sets specific actions to help bring the community's​ vision to life.

 City of Kwinana​ - Corporate Business Plan 2020-2025​​

​Informing Documents

To ensure accurate and effective planning for the future, the City gathers infor​mation from multiple informing strategies and plans. This ensures all of the City’s current and future strategies and plans are focussed on achieving the community’s vision.

Key informing documents include:


​​The City reports regularly on progress toward achieving the community’s vision. Quarterly progress reports for the recently reviewed Strategic Community Plan (major review June 2017) will be made available here. 
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