Past Election Results

2017 Elections​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​The results of the 2017 City of Kwinana Local Election have now been finalised. The final results are shown below:

​​KEARNEY, Merv​1,740​Elected (Term expires 16 October 2021)
PANNELL, Richard​813
RICKERT, Lauren​1,066
EVANS, Les982​
COOMBS, Charles​915
GREEN, Barry​1,038
MCCOY, Michael​1,653
ROWSE, Matthew​2,022​Elected (Term expires 16 October 2021)
ADAMS, Carol​4,009​Elected (Term expires 16 October 2021)
SCAMBLER, Douglas​1,411
JAMES, Jins​1,072
WARD, Mark​693
 JORGENSEN, Asti835​
WOOD, Sheri​1,502
DESMOND, Kevin735​
ALEXANDER, Ruth1,300​
LEE, Sandra​1,727Elected (Term expires 16 October 2021)​​

Past Election Results

To view previous election results please visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.​ 

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