Remains of jetty to be removed


​​​​3 May 2016

The remaining pieces of the damaged Kwinana Jetty are due to be removed this month after independent audits deemed it irreparable.​

A large portion of the jetty was ripped from its foundations during a severe storm in 2012, with a subsequent feasibility study finding the damage too extensive for the jetty to be restored. 

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said the City had been through extensive negotiations with insurers and explored numerous different options for a potential rebuild, but there was 'no sensible or practical option available'.

“To ensure the safety of residents the jetty has remained closed while a range of options have been considered for its future,” Mayor Adams said. 

“The construction of a new jetty would cost many millions of dollars, including extensive structural work which would be required to ensure the surrounding area could safely support a new structure.” 

Independent feasibility studies and the Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance have deemed the site as having limited suitability for the construction of a new jetty. 

Considerations included the effect of climate change on the coastline and maintaining the integrity of the heritage listed SS Kwinana Shipwreck. Mayor Adams said the longevity of a potential new structure could not be guaranteed, with a high chance of similar weather-related damage in the future. 

“The Kwinana Jetty is close to the heart of the community, and for this reason the City has taken care to consider all options and not rush a decision," added Mayor Adams.​

“The future of the jetty has not been taken lightly, however the huge costs combined with the extreme risks makes it an irresponsible use of funds at present."

The remaining planks of the Kwinana Jetty will be salvaged and repurposed as community artwork, paying tribute to the memories shared at the iconic site.​
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