Local Aboriginal Artist Showcased at the Darius Wells Centre


​31 July 2018

Members of the Kwinana community are invited to view the work of local Aboriginal artist Rod Collard at the Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre until 8 August.

Mayor Carol Adams said she was always thrilled to see local talent on display, but that Rod’s history and career were particularly interesting to her as well.

“Rod’s colourful and evocative work looks beautiful in the foyer of the Darius Wells,” she said.

“But beyond aesthetics, Rod is a local resident who has an extensive and rich history of producing and exhibiting art in Western Australia.”

Rod hails from the heart of Willmun Boodja in Western Australia. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge, art and culture.  His award-winning paintings are a reflection of his childhood experiences depicting nature, community, family and his homeland. 

Mayor Adams said that showcasing artists such as Rod is in line with the City’s plan to encourage the community to connect with recent Aboriginal histories and stories.  Equally, she said, for young Aboriginal people art has the ability to teach them more about their own culture and allow them to connect with stories from generations past.

“In the absence of written language, art is an important part of recording the stories of one of the longest continuing cultures in history,” she said.

“As a community, our admiration for Aboriginal art is an important step to appreciating and understanding cultures that are different to our own.”

Rod has dedicated this exhibition to his family.​​​​

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