Kwinana’s ‘Me and My Lunchbox’ Project Wins Healthy Food Award


​​7 August 2018

The City of Kwinana has been recognised by the Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA (PHAIWA) at the 2018 Children’s Environment and Health Local Government Policy Awards for its work in promoting healthy food choices.​

The City’s ‘Me and My Lunchbox’ portrait project was nominated in the ‘Healthy and Safe Food’ category, which looks at ways in which local governments support children as they are developing an understanding and appreciation of different foods.

“During their formative years, children have the ability to learn a lot about food and this education can significantly influence their food preferences, eating habits and food choices later in life,” Mayor Carol Adams said.

“The ‘Me and My Lunchbox’ project focused on children’s lunchboxes as they offer unlimited choices and provide a unique snapshot of the diversity in our community.”

Local artist Yasmin Eghtesadi was engaged by the City to work with students from Orelia Primary School to create large-scale portraits of the children with their lunchboxes as a way to encourage conversations about the food we eat, to celebrate the diversity in our community and to inspire children to learn about the origins of the food that they eat. 

“For some, the topic of food and in particular, the school lunchbox has become an important discussion point for the wellbeing of our children,” Mayor Adams said.

“School lunchtime also provides a fantastic opportunity for children to form friendships and develop their sense of identity and belonging.”

Iranian-born Yasmin said that she felt special living in a country like Australia where food is like ‘a beautiful symphony’.

“We bring different cuisines to work every day and we reveal the diversity of our cultures – it is the same in schoolyards,” she said.

The result of the collaboration was a series of photographs and written pieces that were displayed during the recent City of Kwinana Children’s Festival.​​​​

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