City adopts 2016-17 Annual Budget


​6 July 2016​​​

The City of Kwinana Council, at a Special Council Meeting held 6 July 2016, formally adopted the 2016-17 Annual Budget. 

The full Budget can be viewed on the Publications and Reports Page.

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams tabled the Budget, which was unanimously supported by all Councillors. A transcript of the Mayor's speech, as delivered​ at the Special Council Meeting, can be read below.

Mayoral Speech - Budget Adoption

Speech begins...

It is with a great sense of pride that I officially table the City of Kwinana’s 2016/2017 Budget. 

Never has there been a more exciting time to be in Kwinana. 

Our City Centre thrives and we remain one of the fastest growing communities in the entire country. 

Yet we are still a place of natural beauty, with some of the highest levels of tree and bush coverage across all of the metropolitan area. Few places can celebrate such a unique combination.

It would be foolish though, to ignore the challenges we face. We find ourselves, along with the remainder of the State, in the midst of an economic down-turn. Competition for jobs is high, strain on household budgets is great and our rapid population growth brings with it a higher demand for infrastructure and services.

Kwinana however, is as resilient a community as any in this nation, and this resilience, combined with the budget we have announced tonight, will place us in good stead to ride out these economic troughs and continue to surpass expectations at every opportunity.

This budget tabled tonight has three key pillars.

Firstly, it is built on a foundation of efficiency.  

This budget is a sensible one because it doesn’t hit families with unreasonable rate increases. But the budget is also incredibly smart, thanks to the work of the CEO, the executive, City staff and my fellow Councillors who were meticulous in their search for efficiency gains.

What does that mean? Well despite further State Government increases, like to electricity and the Emergency Services Levy, despite the increased cost of goods and services across WA, and despite keeping our residential rate increase to only 3% on average, we’ve been able to maintain our high level of service delivery and continue with our unprecedented period of revitalisation.

Countless meetings and workshops, over countless days and weeks, saw the City tend to every detail with precision and ingenuity. We challenged ourselves to think outside the ‘council box’ and this approach has paid great dividends.

For example, we’ve taken a fresh approach to environmental management, bringing many of our previously outsourced services in-house – meaning more attention and care can be given to our reserves and natural areas.

The City also struck a new contract arrangement for our rubbish collections. As a result we now offer the option of a larger recycling bin while the general rubbish charges for all households has dropped by $38.

There are many more examples of how we’ve found efficiencies as part of the budget and I’d like to again recognise the incredible efforts of City staff on this impressive feat.    

Second, the budget is intrinsically linked to our community’s expectations and desires.

The 2016/17 Budget is genuinely based on community feedback. 

Over the past 12 months the City has undertaken comprehensive consultation with residents. Over several occasions we were consistently told that safety and security was a high priority.

So how did we respond? Rather than simply hire an extra Ranger or security officer, we instead funded the groundbreaking City Assist initiative - a 24/7, one-stop-shop for an entire suite of community issues, including animals, security, compliance and health. The service is the first of its kind in Perth and we’re thrilled that 2016/17 will be City Assist’s first fully-funded year.

In addition, streetscaping and the maintenance of parks and reserves featured highly in community expectations. As I’ve touched on, the City has reinvented our environment model, enabling a greater level of service while also investing in the revitalisation of signage across the community, starting with entry statements and the Kwinana City Centre.

The community has been clear in what they expect of Council, and this budget is built from the ground up as a complete roadmap to meeting those expectations.

And third, the budget maintains commitment to the historic revitalisation of Kwinana.

Despite keeping rate rises low, the City will continue to develop at a rapid pace. We have not fallen complacent and we are far from content with how far we have come. Rather, our major successes over these past few years – the $340 million redevelopment of our City Centre a clear highlight – have only made us more determined to deliver infrastructure that is both functional and inspiring. 

In 2016/17 we’ll open the $5.2 million Kwinana Adventure Park, a venue for Kwinana families that will surely be the envy of our neighbours. The Adventure Park is our key infrastructure project of this budget and will be unique to Western Australia. In 2016/17 we’ll also commence work on the $1.5 million Kwinana Outdoor Youth Space, a facility which will link with the Adventure Park to create a regional attraction for all ages.

Another big focus for the City over these coming 12 months will be economic development. This means thinking differently about how we attract businesses to the area. As such, we’ll ask ourselves:

  • How can we reduce red-tape across the City? 
  • How can we make doing business in Kwinana a desirable experience?
  • How can we be leaders in local government business development?

It’s essential that as Kwinana continues to mature, we look to facilitate external investment by improving our own processes.

And there is a clear appetite for investment in Kwinana. It was mere weeks ago that the Premier opened the very first Aldi store in Western Australia, right here in Kwinana. 

Finally, the City’s work on advocating for the Indian Ocean Gateway – a project which seeks to secure funding for an outer harbour – has been met with high praise from almost every sector of the State. This is truly the most important infrastructure project for WA over the next century and we will continue to fight for the economic benefits - including thousands of jobs and a more competitive environment - that it will provide.

In tabling this budget tonight, we announce to the community that we understand your priorities and the difficult times many of you face financially. This budget is reasonable and its actions based on your feedback.

We announce to businesses of all sizes, inside and outside our borders – Kwinana is an investment decision you will not regret.

And we announce to industry, big and small, to our neighbouring communities, and to WA at large – Kwinana is the future of port trade in our State, and we are primed to assume that position.

Congratulations again to all involved in delivering this budget. I have no doubt it will place Kwinana in the best possible position over the next 12 months.

Thank you.

Speech ends.

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