City Supports 100 Days for Change Initiative


​29 June 2018 

The City of Kwinana is participating in the Women and Leadership Australia’s 100 Days for Change initiative, from 1 July to 8 October 2018, which aims to promote and encourage gender equality and women in leadership positions.  

The City decided to participate in the initiative, recognising its unique position not only having an industry high proportion of female leaders, but a majority within the organization including a female Mayor and Chief Executive Officer, equal male and female representation on Council and four female directors on the City’s Executive Leadership Team.  

Mayor Carol Adams said she was proud of how progressive both the community and the administration of the City of Kwinana were, and that they City’s current position clearly demonstrated a commitment to equality. 

“Our values in regards to equality, not only gender equality but all aspects, as well as skills, knowledge and experience in both its staff and elected officials has resulted in the City having a diverse council and workforce,” she said. 

One hundred days for change is a grassroots, action oriented initiative that requires individuals or organisations to make a pledge to make achievable change to increase gender equity in their workplace, with a long term aim to increase momentum towards achieving equitable working conditions for all.
“While the City is already well aligned to the mission of the initiative, we felt our role and our pledge in regards to 100 days for change was to lead by example and communicate our unique position, and our comparative position in relations to other local government,” Mayor Adams said.  

“The City also supports gender equality for both male and female parents in the workplace through promoting equal opportunities, flexible work arrangements, paid parental leave and incentives such as subsidized crèche services,” she said.  

For more information on the 100 days for change initiative, visit the Women and Leadership Australia’s website

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