Budget Focused on High Level of Service for Growing Community


​​28 June 2018

The City of Kwinana Council formally adopted its 2018/2019 Budget last night (27 June 2018) at its Ordinary Meeting of Council. 

Similar to previous years the budget continues to focus on meeting the community’s vision for Kwinana and expectations for quality service, while managing the complex needs and challenges associated with the City’s expansive and fast-paced growth.

The 2018/19 Budget was based on the City’s Long Term Financial Plan, adopted in 2016, with all capital items and operating initiatives reviewed to ensure the costings were accurate and the service and program objectives continued to align to the City’s Strategic Community Plan.

City of Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said budget deliberations for the 2018/19 budget took a conservative approach, making every effort possible to lessen the impact of rates on its residents and business sector, while balancing the challenges associated with a rapidly growing community.

“Kwinana is the second fastest growing outer metropolitan local government in Australia. To ensure that the City is ahead of this growth and balancing the increasing requirements for infrastructure and demand for quality community facilities and services, the Council resolved that the average rate increase will be 3.48 per cent, or 90 cents per week for an average residential property,” she said. 

“The focus for this budget was really on ensuring we are set-up for the future by budgeting for key improvements including $2.94m for road renewals and upgrades, $193k for footpath upgrades and $951k for upgrades to local facilities including the Kwinana Senior Citizens Centre, Family Day Care Centre and the Koorliny Arts Centre.” 

“The City is also ensuring a significant portion of funds are available to invest back into the community through a number of programs including $390k to help support and grow local businesses, including the continuation of the Local Commercial and Activity Centre Grants, and $285k for community grant funding programs such as the greening fund and community development grants.” 

The City of Kwinana 2018/19 Budget can be viewed at www.kwinana.wa.gov.au/budget. It is anticipated that rates notices will be sent out to all City of Kwinana ratepayers in mid-to-late July 2018. 


Key projects in the 2018/19 budget include:

Roads and Infrastructure

  • Road renewal and upgrades $2.94m
    Including Orelia Ave, Sulphur Road, Gilmore Ave, Cowcher Way West, Ridley Way West and Clementi Road.
  • Footpath Upgrades $193k
    Rowley Road - Lyon Road to Freeway – Joint Project with City of Cockburn, completion of the Walgreen Crescent footpath.
  • Gilmore Avenue Pedestrian Crossing $60k
    Supply and installation of fencing only, excludes signals.
  • Kwinana Senior Citizens Centre $100k
    Repairs/Replacement of external cladding, ceilings and gutter/downpipe replacements.
  • Family Day Care Centre Upgrade $751k
    Upgrade to the Bright Future’s Family Day Care Centre, including new playground and landscaping and building upgrades.​

Parks and Environment

  • Street Tree Program $140k
    Tree planting in Bertram and the Kwinana Industrial Area.
  • Bushcare and Coastcare Programs $421k
    Including weed control, coastal care, feral animal control and firebreak maintenance in Kwinana’s reserves.

  • Parks for People program $125k
    Continuation of upgrades to the City’s parks.

Community and Economic Development 

  • Community Liaison Service $360k
    Continuation of the Community Liaison service.
  • Local business grants and programs $390k
    Initiatives to support and help local business grow including the Local Commercial and Activity Centre Grant. 
  • Community Grant Funding Programs $285k
    Greening Fund and Community Development programs.

Arts and events

  • Community Events $415k
    Big Concert, Children’s Festival, Christmas Lolly Run, Youth Festival and Australia Day. 

  • Koorliny Arts Centre Upgrade $100k
    Stage 1 of 2 of the proposed upgrade. Both stages include the installation of a storage shed, upgrading the little theatre, upgrading the quadrangle, Studio 1 & 2, MA studio and the training room. ​

Sporting facilities

  • Thomas Oval Lighting $495k
    Upgrade oval lighting. 


  • Safety and Security $2.5m

    Including expansion of CCTV coverage, community education initiatives, illegal dumping control, compliance operations and 24/7 City Assist service. ​

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