Alcoa Children’s Festival a Huge Hit Again in 2019


​12 March 2019

The highly anticipated 2019 Alcoa Children's Festival was enjoyed by close to 5,000 local residents on Saturday 9 March 2019. 
Held at Calista Oval, the festival featured appearances from 'sideshow alley' entertainers, including a snake charmer, a strong man, a magician, a bearded lady, a fortune teller, two mermaids and a handful of unicorns. 

Mayor Carol Adams said the City was excited to take part in the new and improved 'carnival themed' event, with easy accessibility to free and low-cost activities for the whole family.

"I was delighted to see so many children having fun on Saturday," Mayor Adams said.

"The weather repeatedly threatened to ruin our day for a few hours, but community spirit and a strong determination to have lots of fun won out in the end," she said.

"Complete with treasure hunts, ring tossing and laughing clowns, the event reminded me of a country fair from yesteryear, until I saw a group of children enjoying a virtual reality train ride!" said Mayor Adams.

"We had little children petting magical unicorn ponies and chatting with mermaids, while some of the bigger kids – including myself – took a ride on the gravity-defying swing seat ride," she said.

"Once again, the Alcoa Children's Festival was only made possible thanks to generous sponsors Alcoa and Lotterywest," Mayor Adams said. ​

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