Drainage Nets Cleaning up Henley Reserve


​30 July 2018

In March 2018, the City installed drainage nets at two locations in Henley Reserve as a trial. The nets were installed in an effort to reduce the discharge of rubbish from drainage systems within the City, in particular areas where road drainage is discharged into public open spaces and reserves. 

The nets were installed on 750mm and 450mm diameter concrete drainage pipe outlets. Both nets have been cleaned three times since installation with a total of 370kg of debris collected by the drainage nets which has been removed and disposed of. The debris consisted of food wrappings, drink bottles, sand and tree leaves. 

With the trial proving to be a success, the City of Kwinana’s Engineering Design Team have identified three other locations within Henley Reserve that will be designed and retrofitted with the nets to capture more debris that would otherwise be washed out into the reserve. These projects will be proposed for the 2019/20 budget.​

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