​Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA)

Kwinana industry is a major contributor to the success of Western Australia at national and international level.

The relationship between Kwinana industry and the local community is strengthened by a shared environment and a desire to be good neighbours. Effectively balancing the needs of the community, industry and the environment makes Kwinana unique in the metropolitan area.

The Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA) has been in existence for 60 years and continues to make a major contribution to the wealth of the state of Western Australia.

The heavy and supporting industries of the KIA have provided direct and indirect employment opportunities for tens of thousands of Australians. The companies in the Kwinana Industrial Area:​

  • generate a combined annual output valued at $15.77 billion per annum;
  • have direct sales of $8.51 billion;
  • directly employ around 4,800 people (64% live locally);
  • provide indirect employment to approximately another 26,000 people;
  • commit hundreds of millions of dollars to capital expenditure every year;
  • provide a wide range of employee services;
  • actively fund and contribute time and talent to community activities; and,
  • sponsor independent research to validate their own high standards and strict code of self-regulation on health, safety and environmental issues.

In order for the benefits of industry to be retained, the businesses concerned must have a sustainable future. Such a future must allow for new investment in the KIA so that businesses can grow. Industry also has a responsibility to the community to preserve the environment for current and future generations.

Growing environmental expectations have seen industry respond with a dramatic influx of technology and innovation. Many Kwinana companies demonstrate world's best practice - not just in production, but also in their environmental safeguards.

Industry is moving towards a more dynamic and innovative future with the community and the environment.

For further information visit Kwinana Industries Council or view the City's Coastcare Program, which works closely with Industry to ensur​e the safety of the environment.
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