Our Certification

​​​Quality Assurance

The City of Kwinana aims to provide customer satisfaction by the provision of consistent quality products and services and has been internationally certified in the areas of Quality Assurance throughout all of its operations.

External accreditation body, BSI Group Australia, has certified that these operations meet the requirements of the International Organisation's Standard ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management. For more information on BSI, please visit their website.

The City ensures that a consistency in services and products is achieved by:

  • Having well defined procedures used and understood by all staff; and
  • ​Having measurements in place to ensure quality of performance of processes are maintained and improved.

Some of the key components which contribute to the success of the Quality Management System are that it:

  • Uses defined processes for efficiency and consistency;
  • Is internal and external customer focused;
  • Uses document controls;
  • Encourages continuous improvement;
  • Is audited and reviewed regularly.  BSI is one of the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies.

The certification assists the City in increased productivity, improved efficiency to reduce waste, less rework and continual improvement.  The City will continually strive for improvement, with involvement of all employees by:

  • Training employees in improvement methods and tools;
  • Establishing cross functional teams to facilitate improvement projects;
  • Encouraging all employees to provide input to the improvement of the City's Quality Management System; and
  • Committing to the engagement, providing direction and support for the development of its senior management to promote continuous improvement.

This is achieved by working to a system (framework) of Quality Management which aligns and complies with the requirements of the AS ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Standard.

The City of Kwinana and its employees are fully committed to  the Quality Management System and to strive for continuous improvement in organisational performance and the provision of services and products to our customers.

Why Get Certified?

  • ​The City of Kwinana is committed to achieving and maintaining certification that clearly demonstrates the level of importance the City places on the implementation of industry-respected best practices to all key stakeholder groups.   
  • Having a third party audit team assess our Quality Management System brings a fresh perspective to our Quality Management System and can be effectively used as a business improvement tool.   ​

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