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Council Plan invites the community's vision for Kwinana

Council Plan invites the community's vision for Kwinana
14 May 2024

The City of Kwinana’s Council Plan is calling for the community’s future vision of Kwinana.

As Kwinana heads towards 100 years as a local government area, we want to know your future visions for the City in 30 years’ time.

Having a specific vision, as outlined by the community, gives the City direction moving forward.

The City has an existing Strategic Community Plan but its next forward-looking plan will be known as the Council Plan, setting out the long-term vision and aspirations of the Kwinana community.

Mayor Peter Feasey said the Council Plan, like the current Strategic Community Plan, will outline the community’s strategic priorities, vision, and desired outcomes for the future.

“The City’s Council Plan will guide all of the work the City undertakes,” Mayor Feasey said.

“It will outline not only what the community would like to see, but specific strategies for how the City will achieve this vision,” Mayor Feasey said.

“It holds us accountable to our community’s vision while ensuring we remain focused on the ‘big picture’,” he said.

The Kwinana community is growing and changing rapidly.

“If you think back to Kwinana 30 years ago you would hardly recognise it today,” Mayor Feasey said,

“We have transformed into a vibrant metropolitan City that boasts state-of-the-art facilities.

“It is exciting to envision what can be achieved over the next 30 years as we head towards 100.

“Help paint a picture of what the future of Kwinana will look like, by uploading a picture of what the City of Kwinana means to you,” he said.

All submitted pictures will come together as a digital time capsule to create a beautiful mosaic of the City of Kwinana.

Your thoughts will help us to shape the strategic roadmap and how we are going to get there.

To share your view, join us on the City’s engagement platform, Love My Kwinana, to upload your images and contribute to shaping our future, visit Love My Kwinana: Council Plan 

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