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Budget and Long-Term Plan sets City’s financial future

Budget and Long-Term Plan sets City’s financial future
27 June 2024

Last nights (26 June 2024) Ordinary Meeting of Council was a significant meeting with the Council formally adopting its 2024/25 Budget and its Long-Term Financial Plan for 2025-2034.

The City of Kwinana’s 2024/25 budget aimed to strike a balance between maintaining the community’s desired levels of service, while limiting the impact on financial sustainability and the cost-of-living impacts to the community. As such a 4.2 per cent increase was approved which equates to $1.22 per week for an average residential property.

In addition to the budget, significant changes in the economic landscape meant that the City’s Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) had become outdated and as a result, a revised 10-year LTFP that accurately reflects the current economic climate was adopted.

The LTFP provides a strategic financial roadmap which acts as an indicator of the City’s long term financial sustainability. It helps with early identification of upcoming financial impacts and highlights linkages between specific plans and strategies enhancing the transparency and accountability of the council with the community.
City of Kwinana Mayor Peter Feasey said the rate proposed in the budget was based on a financially prudent approach informed by the City’s Long Term Financial Plan and Strategic Community Plan.

“The rates preparation process carefully considers the needs of the community as communicated through the Strategic Community Plan, in the context of the existing economic climate, while ensuring the City remains a sustainable local government able to serve its community going forward, he said.

“Local Governments are still being impacted by increasing material, contract and staff costs despite a decreasing trend in both the Cost Price Index (CPI) and the Local Government Cost Index (LGCPI), which was forecast at 3.9 per cent for the June quarter.

“Key major projects proposed in this Budget include the 3-bin Garden Organic (GO) waste service, solar panels at Kwinana Recquatic and four EV charging stations around the City, stage one of the Kwinana Loop Trail improvements and building renewals including an upgrade to the City’s Administration building, Thomas Oval Changeroom upgrades and a new community facility at the Wellard West Sportsground,” Mayor Feasey said.

To view the minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting – June 26 visit

Key Highlights of the 2024/25 Budget

  • $2.4 million towards Waste Management Services including preparations for the roll out of the 3-bin Garden Organic (GO) waste service in mid-2025, and the transition to a pre-booked verge collection service.
  • $3.6 million to commence stage one of the Kwinana Loop Trail upgrades including resurfacing, realignment, and upgrading signage and gates.
  • $1.7 million for building renewals including painting, floor coverings, roof, and electrical works across a number of city locations.
  • $6.8 million to update the City’s Administration Building including addressing necessary building maintenance works required on the nearly 50-year-old facility, and update to improve energy efficiency.
  • $2.5 million for new sporting clubrooms and community pavilion at the Wellard West sportsground.
  • $2.3 million for improvements to the Thomas Oval Changerooms including energy-efficient materials, natural ventilation, and lighting upgrades.
  • $5.2 million towards road upgrades and renewals including road resurfacing, strengthening, and upgrading.
  • $1.8 million for park and public open space upgrades including playground equipment replacement, bore electrical works and fencing replacements.
  • $1.7m towards the Youth Centre for the management and facilitation of The Zone and associated activities.
  • $497k for the annual community events program
  • $222k for community grants, awards donations and subsidies
  • $180k towards the Street Tree Program to ensure continued tree planting programs around Kwinana.
  • $114k for the installation of EV charging points at Kwinana Town Centre, Medina Local Centre, John Wellard Community Centre and the City of Kwinana Operations Centre.
  • $114k for the installation of solar panels at Kwinana Recquatic
  • $68k towards public art projects
  • $60k for CCTV renewals including replacement and upgrades to equipment such as cabling, servers, and cameras.

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