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Technology Day showcases electric plant equipment

Technology Day showcases electric plant equipment
25 May 2023

The City of Kwinana hosted a Technology Day showcasing electric plant equipment to interested Local Governments as the City works to reduce emissions.

More than 150 people gathered in Kwinana to view electric plant equipment as Local Governments turn their focus on reducing carbon emissions.

Mayor Carol Adams said 18 Local Governments were represented on the day, keen to learn more about the battery electric options now on the market.

She said the City of Kwinana was the first Local Government in WA to purchase a fully electric commercial grade zero-turn mower, currently awaiting its delivery.

“On 1 April 2022, the City of Kwinana switched 12 of its top energy-using sites to renewable energy sourced from a WA wind farms as part of a WA Local Government Association (WALGA) agreement with 48 Councils,” Mayor Adams said.

“In addition, the landscaping team working in the city’s centre only runs battery electric tools, and the truck has dual battery, solar panels, and inverters making the team self-sufficient with no fuel and no noise from the equipment.

“Surrounding Local Governments have enquired about the latest trucks and experiences with this kind of set up.

“In the past year, staff have found the availability of battery electric plant has also increased, with products entering the Australian market that are now comparable to the commonly-used diesel or two-stroke equivalent,” she said.

The Technology Day in Kwinana highlighted battery electric equipment available in WA today.

“The event was well-received, and we hope it will influence the way operations are carried out in other local government areas,” Mayor Adams said.

She said the truck shed at Kwinana’s Depot has been modified with charging units for top up charges that may be required on over-cast days.

“We will receive our first electric vehicle for our Environment and Waste Team by the end of this year, and two-stroke equipment is increasingly being replaced with battery powered equipment as applications allow, and the goal is to buy one new electric mower each year,” Mayor Adams said.

“The City also applied a new vehicle policy that requires hybrid vehicles for senior staff and has two e-bikes to provide alternative transportation options for staff,” she said.

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