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Bold new Sustainability Framework aligns with UN goals

Bold new Sustainability Framework aligns with UN goals
14 December 2023

In a resolute commitment to a sustainable future, the City of Kwinana has unveiled its Sustainability Framework, facilitating its alignment with the globally recognised United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

The City of Kwinana’s new Sustainability Framework is a powerful tool and strategic roadmap that will guide the integration of sustainability throughout the city's operations and strategic initiatives.

Mayor Peter Feasey said the Framework’s purpose is to responsibly address the three pillars of sustainability - environmental, social, and economic - while aligning seamlessly with the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031.

“The City of Kwinana is not just setting a standard but raising the bar with our Sustainability Framework,” Mr Feasey said.

“The Framework contains, at its heart, key sustainability principles that will guide city operations and decision-making processes.

“It outlines our commitment to environmental stewardship, community wellbeing, and economic resilience,’’ he said.

Mayor Feasey said the development process involved rigorous research, community engagement, and benchmarking, ensuring the framework resonates with the community's priorities.

"Our community's values are at the core of this framework. It's a reflection of our shared vision for a thriving, sustainable Kwinana,” he said.

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