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Drainage nets trap 3.6 tonnes of waste in six years

Drainage nets trap 3.6 tonnes of waste in six years
4 August 2023

Five innovative drainage nets have collectively captured 3660.5kg of debris and litter from Kwinana’s parks and reserves.



Caption: A drainage net installed at Henley Reserve.

Five nets covering key drains across Kwinana have collectively stopped more than 3.6 tonnes of waste from polluting local parks and reserves.

Mayor Carol Adams said two nets were installed six years ago at Henley Nature Reserve in Leda in March 2018 then went viral on social media on this day five years ago, 4 August 2018.

“The City of Kwinana’s drainage nets quickly made social media headlines, and the City has since been inundated with phone calls and emails worldwide to find out more about this simple yet effective solution to prevent pollution,” Mayor Adams said.

A further three nets were installed during the 2019/20 financial year at Orelia Oval, Sloan’s Reserve and Oakley Road to intercept more solid waste like food wrappers, drink bottles, cans and debris and organic waste being conveyed by the piped drainage system.

The nets are removed periodically, and the contents weighed and inspected then taken to a waste management site for processing.

“The first two nets have now reached 32 cleaning cycles and the extra three nets 19 cleaning cycles, totaling 3660.5kg of diverted waste,” Mayor Adams said.

“The nets are cleaned fortnightly in the wetter months and once a month spring through autumn.

“Coincidentally, when the State Government’s Containers for Change was introduced offering rebates for drink containers we noticed some nets were being damaged by people wanting to get access to drink bottles and cans, so to resolve this the nets were removed to prevent vandalism during the hotter, drier months when there is less water flow.

“The drainage nets were designed and supplied by Urban Asset Solutions and installed by the City of Kwinana, so we have been keen to keep the nets in working order while facing these challenges,” she said.

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