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Council moves to direct election of Mayor

Council moves to direct election of Mayor
29 September 2022

The City of Kwinana responds to Local Government reforms, allowing voters to directly elect their Mayor at the next election.

City of Kwinana Council will change how the position of Mayor is appointed as of the 2023 Local Government elections, in response to the State Government’s announced package of major reforms to the sector.

Currently the position of Mayor is determined by the Councillors themselves.

As part of the largest changes to the Local Government Act in more than 25 years, all Band 1 and 2 WA Local Governments will soon be required to switch to a system whereby electors vote directly for the Mayor. Kwinana is a Band 1 Council.

The legislation is anticipated to be introduced to Parliament early next year.

Mayor Carol Adams said where appropriate, the City had sought to implement the required changes early so there can be certainty for the 2023 election.

“The City has already implemented some of the Minister’s changes,” Mayor Adams said.

“An example of this is that the City has already transitioned to live-streaming of Council meetings.

“We have commenced a community and stakeholder engagement charter,” Mayor Adams said.

“We have also included independent members on the Audit and Risk Committee with an independent chair.”

The role of the Mayor is outlined in the Local Government Act and includes the requirement to preside at meetings, provide leadership and guidance to the community, carry out civic and ceremonial duties, speak on behalf of the City, perform any functions as required by the Act or other written law, and to liaise with the CEO on the City’s affairs and the performance of its function.

The Mayor also has the same decision making role as an individual Councillor.

Elections for the position of Mayor will take place every four years as opposed to every two years which is the current cycle in Kwinana.

Last night, Council also voted to keep the total number of elected members at eight, with seven Councillors and one Mayor.

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