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Living Green promotes a sustainable future

Living Green promotes a sustainable future
12 July 2022

Three-month sustainability series inspires and equips Kwinana residents to live green. 


Caption: City of Kwinana staff planting seedlings at Wells Park.

The Living Green series of events throughout April, May and June culminated in planting days in beautiful sunshine at Wells Park with 6000 seedlings planted by City of Kwinana staff and community members to extend the dune habitat.

Staff planted 2000 seedlings on Friday, 24 June, and a community planting day on Saturday, 25 June, added a further 4000 seedlings to Wells Park.

The funding for both planting days was secured by not-for-profit environmental management group Perth NRM and administered by the City of Kwinana from the State Government’s Greening Fund.

Perth NRM also hosted their own staff event, planting over 1000 seedlings to celebrate the completion of the Greening Fund.

Mayor Carol Adams commended the community and staff on their efforts to proactively increase habitat, enjoy the outdoors, and come together as a community while beautifying the area.

“The City of Kwinana has 249 hectares of natural bushland, 13 active parks and 79 passive parks which are all amazing green areas for our residents to enjoy,” Mayor Adams said.

“Living green is valued by this community as reflected in the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031.

“The first outcome of the Strategic Community Plan is a naturally beautiful environment that is enhanced and protected, with objectives to retain and improve streetscapes and open spaces and also to maintain and enhance our beautiful, natural environment through sustainable protection and conservation.”

Four community planting events were also held during Living Green to further green parts of Thomas Oval, Henley Reserve, Lake Magenup and Homestead Ridge Reserves.

A series of workshops enabled Kwinana residents to gather and learn how to compost and how to make smart sustainable changes in their homes, while the annual seedling subsidy helped fill local gardens with native shrubs, trees and wildflowers at a bargain price.

This year, special trees in the area were celebrated during the April school holidays with the Tree Treasure Hunt to share the stories of 12 unique trees.

Children also enjoyed an Easter Beach Hunt searching for critters along the coastline and the popular nightstalk gave people the opportunity to observe nocturnal wildlife.

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