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Join Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams and Go Plastic Free

Join Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams and Go Plastic Free
2 July 2020

City of Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams is taking up the Plastic Free July Challenge in 2020, bringing focus on reducing single use plastics by going plastic-free.

Plastic Free July is a challenge to refuse single-use plastic during July, by encouraging people to make simple changes in their daily lives.

Last year, an estimated 250 million people worldwide took part in the challenge to reduce single-use plastics. On average, participants reduced their household waste by almost 5 per cent (or 23kg).

According to the Ocean Crusaders Foundation, Australians dump 36,700 tonnes of plastic bags into our landfill every year. That equates to 4,000 bags a minute or 230,000 per hour. So Mayor Carol Adams is taking up the challenge to go plastic free and will be focusing on eliminating the top four single use plastics - takeaway coffee cups, plastic shopping bags, plastic straws and water bottles.

"COVID-19 has seen an increase in takeaway containers and single use plastics but now restrictions are easing and cafes are beginning to accept keep cups again, this is a great time to start reducing our plastic use," Mayor Adams said.

"I would certainly encourage residents to consider forming or joining a group to take the challenge together for even a day, week or month. If everyone can make even small changes to eliminate single use plastics, it will have a big impact on our environment," she said.

"The City has been a strong supporter of Plastic Free July over the years but in 2020 the Council is really stepping up its involvement to bring the community together on the issue of waste reduction," Mayor Adams said

Join the City’s efforts to help the environment by choosing to refuse single-use plastic this July. For more information on Plastic Free July or to sign up for the challenge or visit Plastic Free July​. 

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