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The Leadership, Youth and Respect in Kwinana (LyriK) program promotes excellence by recognising achievement and providing opportunities for young people, aged 10 to 18 years, to enhance leadership, resilience, citizenship, character, entrepreneurship, community participation, skills and creativity. Find out who’s eligible, how to nominate, categories, and what the prize is.

About the LyriK Program

The Leadership, Youth and Respect in Kwinana (LyriK) program promotes youth endeavor by providing opportunites for young people to grow as young citizens, achievers and leaders, as well as publicly recognise those who excel.  The program began in 2006 and includes:

  • LyriK Leadership and Development Activities;
  • LyriK Mentoring;
  • LyriK Educational Scholarships; and
  • The LyriK Awards.

The core objectives of the LyriK program are as follows:

  • build resilience;
  • build leadership and personal development; and
  • build community impact and involvement.

Lyrik Leadership and Development Activities are run throughout the year, with recent activities including TedX Talk outings to Perth, inspirational guest speaker and training events, workshops, entrepreneurship coaching and more. To be alerted to upcoming LyriK Leadership and Development Activities please follow the Zone Youth Space Facebook and Instagram or call 9236 4550.

LyriK Mentoring can be organised for young people seeking guidance with achieving excellence. This includes formal mentoring opportunities offered to LyriK Educational Scholarship recipients, young leaders on the Youth Advisory Council, key program volunteers or any young person seeking a bit of help or inspiration to achieve their ambitions.

Information about the LyriK Educational Scholarships.

About the LyriK Awards

The LyriK Awards are part of the Leadership, Youth and Respect in Kwinana (LyriK) program, dedicated to recognising the valuable contribution young people aged 10 to 18 make in the City of Kwinana. They celebrate local young people excelling in one of six categories.

All of the winners receive $50 to be donated towards a charity of their choice and a $250 cash prize that we encourage to be spent on an opportunity that they wouldn’t otherwise have or towards something they have always dreamed about.

In addition to the six category Awards, nominees are also eligible for the the Progress Award or the Young Person of the Year Award, with each winner receiving $50 to be donated to a charity and $250 for the Progress Award or $500 for the Young Person of the Year Award.

Nominees and Award recipients are publicly recognised at a prestigious annual Awards Ceremony.



Recognises young people who:

  • are excelling in their academic studies, at work or on the sporting field
  • have strived to achieve their best at all times in their chosen field

Recognises young people who:

  • display strong leadership skills
  • are positive role models for other young people in the community
  • positively influence others through encouraging and supporting them
  • are proactive in raising awareness around important issues

Recognises young people who:

  • have overcome difficult circumstances in their day-to-day life
  • works tirelessly to recruit others for community events or positive awareness campaigns
  • excel and stay focused in terms of personal goals, academics or recreational pursuits, despite extreme odds

Recognises young people and groups in the community who:

  • assisted a friend through difficult times, displaying kindness and generosity
  • encourage others to seek help from services to ensure they’re okay
  • assists others with homework, projects or learning a new skill

Recognises young people who:

  • demonstrate a commitment to a team
  • include others in the group, share the spotlight and are fundamental in achieving positive outcomes
  • commit to fundraising events for their club or charity
Progress Award

Recognises a young person who:

  • has demonstrated or sustained exceptional positive behaviour or values within the Kwinana community
Young Person of the Year Award

Recognises a young person who:

  • has made an outstanding contribution to the Kwinana community over the course of the year



To be eligible, the nominated young person must be 10 to 18 years of age, live within or attend school within Kwinana, and submit a valid nomination form within the nomination period.

How to Nominate 

Anyone can nominate, including the young person themselves!

To nominate, fill in a nomination form during the nomination period. The specific dates for this period will be advertised on this page, as well as the Zone Youth Space Facebook and Instagram.

The nomination form will be made available during this period on this page.


The LyriK Program was awarded National Youth Engagement award in 2009 for its positive engagement with young people and in 2016, the City of Kwinana won the WA Local Government Children's Environment and Health Awards – Children's consultation category for its process in consulting with young people on the Kwinana Outdoor Youth Space (KOYS) and Youth Outreach Live Outdoors (YOLO) projects.


The LyriK program is proudly sponsored the following organisations:

More Information

For more information, contact the Zone Youth Space on 9236 4550, or email

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