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The Restricted Burning Period is now in place, permits may be issued by contacting Rangers on 9439 0200.

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Living Green - Seedling Subsidy (SOLD OUT)

Free City
13 May 2024 - 16 June 2024

Now SOLD OUT 🍃🍃 Join us for the return of the Seedling Subsidy Scheme as part of our Living Green Series!

Native Seedling Subsidy is a program run by the City of Kwinana to enable residents to purchase native seedlings at a reduced cost.  The focus is on planting native species that are well adapted to the soils and micro-climate of the local area, so that they have the best chance of survival, and are suited to the environment into which they are planted.  As they are native to the area they will also benefit the local native wildlife. 

You can participate in the Seedling Subsidy scheme from 8am on Monday 13 May 2024.

You need to reserve your seedling purchase ticket via Eventbrite. Once you have secured your Eventbrite ticket, ensure you download this and take your ticket together with evidence of your City of Kwinana residency (eg. Driver’s Licence/Rates Notice) to Australian Native Nursery at 141 King Road, Oakford. The nursery is open 7 days a week from 9am to 4.30pm.

You can purchase up to 20 seedlings per residence. The cost of the seedlings is $2.75 each for forestry tubes (including GST).

Let's nurture our environment together!

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Cost From $2.75