Wellard Oval Complex

  • Location Wellard Rd, Wellard WA 6167
  • Facilities and Amenities available
    • Toilets
    • Seating
    • Kitchen
    • Reserves, Parks and Pavilions
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The Wellard Complex is located on Wellard Road, Wellard. The complex consists of Wellard Pavilion and Wellard Oval.

Contact and Location

Address: Wellard Road, Wellard

Phone: 9439 0407

Email Facility Bookings team

Please note: our team is not located at Wellard Pavilion. Please call or email for assistance.

Hireable Spaces

Available Rooms for

Wellard Pavilion

Wellard Pavilion is a smaller sized facility with a main hall area and basic kiosk. It is ideal for smaller sized meetings, activities and functions.


  • Venue/Space
    Wellard Pavilion
  • Facility
    • Basic kitchen
  • Capacity
    • 70 
  • Chairs and Tables
    100 x Chairs
    10 x Tables
  • Type
  • Hire Rate
    $18.60 p/hr
    $22.40 p/hr
  • Function Rate
    $47.60 p/hr
    $51.40 p/hr
  • Community
    (6pm to 12am)$47.60 p/hr
    (8am to 6pm)$18.60 p/hr
    (6pm to 12am)$51.40 p/hr
    (8am to 6pm)$22.40 p/hr

Wellard Oval

Wellard Oval can accommodate for sporting activities such as athletics, Australian Rules football and many more.


  • Venue/Space
    Wellard Oval
  • Facility
    • Australian Rules football posts
    • Long jump pits
    • Discus pits
  • Type
    Special Event Hire Fee (With Personal Trainer and Seasonal Hire fees available)
  • Hire Rate
    $10 p/hr
    $12 p/hr
    $37 p/hr


Meeting: $200

Activity: $300

Function: $1000 to $2000

Booking Information

Thank you for considering the Wellard Oval Complex for your next event. Please note the City’s facilities have now transitioned to online booking through SpacetoCo. This gives you 24/7 access to the booking system as well as the flexibility to manage your own bookings.

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For Definitions please refer to Venues and facilities for hire - City of Kwinana

Please note the rates quoted for bookings are effective 1 July 2021.

Please contact the City of Kwinana Facility Bookings Team at Bookings@kwinana.wa.gov.au or on (08) 9439 0407 if you have any issues accessing or using SpacetoCo.

Booking process:

  1. Go to SpacetoCo to make a booking
  2. Once submitted the City of Kwinana Facility Bookings Team will assess your application within six business days
  3. If any further details or forms are required please message us in SpacetoCo or email the Kwinana Facility Bookings Team at bookings@kwinana.wa.gov.au


For more details on organising an event and the relevant forms required, please head to our 'running community events' ​page.​​​​​