Community Bus

The Community Bus is available to hire for community, commercial and local groups only. This bus is not available for private use. The bus cannot be kept overnight or be taken further than a 100km radius from Kwinana. People with a sufficient bus license can drive the bus, or a driver can be hired through the City of Kwinana. 

Location and Seating

The keys for the Community Bus are available from the Kwinana Recquatic and can be collected 20 minutes prior to your booking upon presentation of the confirmation contract. The bus is housed at Ridleys, located on Holden Road in Bertram. The Community Bus seats a maximum of 25 people, including the driver. 


 Community User - Half Day (fewer than four hours)


 Community User - Full Day (more than four hours) $114
 Commercial User - Half Day (fewer than four hours) $210
 Commercial User - Full Day (more than four hours) $315


*refund of the bond balance may take up to six weeks due to City processing procedures.



*The after travel Mileage fee is deducted from the bond after your hire.

 45c per kilometre*
Driver At cost as charged by external provider

Additional fees

*Additional charge if bus is not returned with a full tank of fuel, plus cost of filling the bus with fuel.  


Further Information

  • Additional fees may occur after the hire if the bus is damaged, not cleaned or used for additional hours.
  • A photocopy of the driver’s license is required for the booking. If you are paying driver an ‘F’ extension is required on the license, if you are not paying, an ‘LR’ class license is required.
  • A driver may be hired through the City of Kwinana if required.
  • Not available for overnight hire.​​​​

Application forms and booking

To book the Community Bus, please complete the Community Bus Hire Form and return it via email to the City's Bookings Team.

For further infromation, contact the Bookings Team on 08 9439 0407.