Home-Based Business

Home-Based Business

Home Occupations

It's possible for a resident to run a small-scale business from home without a planning approval.

Home Occupations are a type of small-scale business that can be run from your residential home. Considering most Home Occupations take place within urban areas with neighbouring properties nearby, they must be limited to an appropriate scale so as to not generate any adverse impacts.

A home occupation may only be permitted where it:​

  • does not involve employing a person who is not a member of the occupier’s household; and
  • will not cause injury to or adversely affect the amenity of the neighbourhood; and (c) does not occupy an area greater than 20 m2; and
  • does not involve the display on the premises of a sign with an area exceeding 0.2 m2; and
  • does not involve the retail sale, display or hire of any goods unless the sale, display or hire is done only by means of the internet; and
  • does not —
  • require a greater number of parking spaces than normally required for a single dwelling; or
  • result in an increase in traffic volume in the neighbourhood; and
  • does not involve the presence, use or calling of a vehicle of more than 4.5 tonnes tare weight; and
  • does not include provision for the fuelling, repair or maintenance of motor vehicles; and
  • does not involve the use of an essential service that is greater than the use normally required in the zone in which the dwelling is located;

It is recommended you contact the City’s Planning Department for further advice in relation to your proposed business and its relation to the Home Occupation planning requirements.

Home Businesses

If you wish to operate a home-based business of a greater scale than a Home Occupation, it may still be possible under a Home Business classification. A Home Business will require planning approval before you start operating.  

Please refer to the ‘Home Occupation and Business Information Sheet’ on the City’s Development/Planning Applications page for further information and how to submit a planning application for your proposed Home Business.

Other City Approvals

Prior to commencing your home-based business, it is recommended you contact the City for information and advice. Even if a planning application is not required for your business, other forms relating to Health or Building may be required.

What sort of activity can cause problems?

Home Occupations and Home Businesses are businesses that does not create problems with your neighbours. The City of Kwinana often receives complaints from residents about small scale businesses being run from homes that:

  • create repeated, prolonged or loud noise;
  • increase traffic in the street by delivery vehicles or the parking of customer or client cars; 
  • produce smoke, smells, fumes, dust, light, vibration, electrical interferences, waste products and the like; or
  • are carried out at times outside of normal working hours.

Home-based businesses are intended to accommodate appropriately scaled small businesses within a residential home. They also provide an opportunity for people to establish a small business initially with limited cost outlay and then move into a dedicated commercial premise (like in the Kwinana City Centre) once the business grows beyond a small scale.

Please note: mechanical repairs, panel beating, spray painting and activities involving noisy machinery do not fit into the definition of home occupation. If you cannot comply with the guidelines for a home occupation, you need to look at industrial or commercial premises to set up your business.

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