NBN Telecommunications Survey

Project TypesFederal Government Projects
Start February 2024
Finish February 2024
Budget NIL
NBN Telecommunications Survey

Notice of contractor in the area

The required activities are for investigative purposes to determine where the network may need upgrades, repairs or areas that do not have sufficient infrastructure.

To make these determinations the Field team may undertake some (or all) of the following actions:

  • Accessing existing telecommunication facilities to establish fitness for nbn
  • Inspect aerial cable and structures for fitness
  • Testing of existing network, infrastructure and facilities
  • Proving and roping of conduit
  • Photographing
  • Inspect pits/manholes within the road reserve
  • Minor hand digging to expose pit/manhole lids
  • Dig Down and repair of existing conduits
  • Use of Vac Trucks for conduit remediation

Works will be conducted in the road reserve areas along existing infrastructure alignments.