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Living Green in Kwinana

Living Green in Kwinana

Kwinana Residents love Living Green, and to celebrate we will be bringing our Living Green Series to you over three jam packed months.

Throughout April, May, and June we will be hosting workshops, running events, and offering subsidies to Kwinana residents hoping to live a little greener.

This year’s program covers key ways that you can live a little greener

  • at home
  • in the Community
  • for the Planet.

Check out one of many Living Green events or activities here. 

Did you get a packet of Pink and White Everlastings at the Children's Festival?  Here is how you can grow them.

Pink and White Everlasting (Rhodanthe chlorocephala)
Family – Asteraceae
Characteristics – Annual 20-60cm
Flowering Season – Late Winter to Spring

Do you live in the City of Kwinana and love where you live? Are you interested in beautifying your street, increasing the level of biodiversity for our native flora and fauna, and creating a safer, more connected community?

Love Where You Live’ invites you to improve your front gardens and verges to vibrant gardens featuring native plants. By participating you'll be eligible for a subsidy of up to $200. To be eligible for the subsidy you'll need to:

  1. Sign up to 'Love My Kwinana' (if you don't already have an account);
  2. Register for and attend one of the garden planning workshops (External link) in July, where you'll learn how to successfully transform your garden;
  3. Submit your design for approval;
  4. Improve your front verge or garden; and
  5. Apply for the subsidy

Bookings to the workshops are essential. Please bring a minimum of 2 photos of your front garden to the session (printed or on mobile).

Meet Behrooz, a resident who transformed his front lawn into a thriving native garden! Five years ago, Behrooz, decided to replace his traditional lawn with native plants. Each year, he participated in the Living Green Seedling Subsidy to bolster his garden. His beautiful garden now extends the habitat for native marsupials and small reptiles like Kwenda and Bobtails, creating a vital corridor for our local wildlife. The City encourages all residents to develop "habitat corridors" to support our vulnerable fauna. Remember to check the Street Verge Policy to ensure that while growing your beautiful garden, you maintain clear sightlines for traffic. Behrooz has struck the perfect balance, providing a haven for wildlife while keeping larger shrubs pruned to maintain driver visibility. Watch our latest video to learn more about Behrooz's inspiring native garden and how you can contribute to preserving local habitats!

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