Watch out for fauna in Kwinana

24 November 2016

The City of Kwinana has commenced a year-long Fauna Watch project to identify the diversity of fauna species present in the area. 

The Kwinana Fauna Watch Project is funded by the State Natural Resource Management Program (NRM) and will run until the end of October 2017. 

The City’s Environment team is currently carrying out fauna monitoring in nature reserves throughout Kwinana, obtaining baseline information about the diversity of fauna species. The Fauna Watch project will also help to identify the presence of any rare or endangered animals present in Kwinana. 

In addition to fauna monitoring, the Fauna Watch project will asses the community’s views relating to relating to native wildlife, nature reserves and pet ownership. Kwinana residents are invited to complete an online survey about local wildlife they have encountered in their area. The Fauna Watch Community Survey can be accessed here.

Mayor Carol Adams said the Fauna Watch project will help the City become better informed about the true level of fauna diversity in Kwinana.  

“Although Kwinana is just 30 minutes from the CBD, we are surrounded by natural bushland and the variety of fauna and flora might surprise you. The Fauna Watch project will help the City better understand the diversity of species and identify any gaps in our portfolio of local wildlife,” said Mayor Adams.

“We hope to develop a greater understanding of how the Kwinana community relate to wildlife in their local area throughout the course of the Fauna Watch project. This will help the City plan environmental activities for the community to enjoy such as workshops, bird walks and education sessions.”

Regular updates about the Fauna Watch project will be made on the City’s Facebook page

For more information on this project and more of the City’s environmental initiatives, please contact the City’s Bush Care Officer 9439 0418 or email​.

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