City set for revitalised events program

​22 May 2017

The City of Kwinana is poised to bring bigger and better events to the local community after a major review of its events strategy. 

Kwinana’s annual calendar of events has been refreshed to meet the aspirations of the City’s growing and changing community.

“Our community is changing and we want to reflect this change by offering an exciting mixture of regional-level and place based events.

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said the City is committed to providing an interesting and diverse array of high calibre events and is set to allocate more funds in the 2017/18 budget to provide residents with these great community experiences.

As part of this new approach, at a suburb level the City will also commit up to $5000 per event to support community groups who would like to deliver “Placed Based” Events  to better reflect and support the identify of their local area.

Mayor Adams said the funding would help grow and empower the local community. 

“We are fortunate to have many passionate groups in Kwinana who are keen to see community led events in their own neighbourhoods and Council is happy to support these initiatives.”  

At the heart of the City’s annual events calendar will be a new, bigger than ever signature event unlike Kwinana has seen before. This major annual celebration will feature entertainment that will surprise and delight the diverse community.  In its review of events, the popular Kwinana Children’s Party, Kwinana Festival and “Freakfest” Youth Festival, will be reinvigorated, rebranded  and expanded to become competitive on the Perth events’ scene. 

“The exciting new events program full of high quality City wide and local events  will have something to interest everyone and promote a positive image of Kwinana and attract visitors into our City, which is a great thing for local businesses,” said  Mayor Adams.

An Events Planning Working Group will also  be formed to help re-vision the City’s events and ensure they meet community objectives. The group will include up to six community-minded Kwinana residents and three elected members. 

FAQ - Proposed New Events Program​

Event at Adventure Park.

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